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Self Build on a Shoestring

Client: Competition, Grand Designs

Location: N/A

Description: This year's challenge is to design an innovative 'self build' starter home that can be constructed for less than £40,000. The home has to have one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom, and be capable of being easily expanded as the family grows. Later on, it could grow again to provide a multi-generational home, or contract as the family downsizes, or even be split into two.


The House is designed so that as time goes on it can adapt to suit the owners needs practically and fucntionally. Within the 7.2m x 7.2m square the building can develop to have up to 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms whilst leaving a large area of the site open to more possibilities if so desired. Natural light intake is maximised through double height spaces and a central stairwell consisting of a series of roof lights.

The Project was shortlisted within the top 16 for the competition and was Exhibited at Grand Designs Live at the NEC in Birmingham.

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