Architectural Design

We provide architectural design for all phases of building projects. From initial concept design and feasibility through to developed design once your vision for the design is fully realised construction documents and specifications are prepared. 

Concept Design

Our concept design stage involves the development of any feasibility work undertaken, two dimensional sketches and clients brief, into realistic three dimensional proposals.

The proposals are now seen in context with the site and surrounding area and conveyed graphically using CAD software.

Interior Design

With over 20 years of experience, we work in all industry sectors delivering creative and innovative solutions for interior projects, from small bespoke schemes to major fit-out works. We are specialists in space planning and visualisation and believe in inspiring and cost effective solutions to suit all budgets.

Contract Administration

We provide the role of contract administrator for all sized projects and our service will generally include:


For a development to be successful, it has to be viable. We undertake feasibility studies to assess the workability of a project based on a number of factors which determine the overall feasibility, identify workable options and inform other project documentation – including the business case, strategic brief and plan for project implementation.

We work closely with the client and carry out our research based on their ideas and goals. From this starting point, we then draft sketch plans in order to get a feel for the potential of the site. After that, we run initial build cost and Gross Development Analysis (GDV) on the sketch scheme to see if it stacks up financially – the client is involved at every step.

We would then re-work the proposal, feeding in our planning policy research, our design skill and our financial assessments making it more approvable, more profitable, more buildable and better designed.


We believe masterplans demand scrupulous attention to detail, great creativity and skilful analysis in order to be carried out successfully.

With over 15 years’ experience working on project specific masterplans we relish the challenge of working on such developments. We have the skills to deliver high quality masterplans primarily to the residential sector.

Planning and Building Regulations

Our team have extensive knowledge into planning and conservation regulations including local byelaws such as those relating to the Darras Hall Estate and can offer advice to clients as part of feasibility works before the main architectural work has begun.

Acting as agent on your behalf we will guide you through the planning process and make the journey as smooth as possible.

Considering Building Regulations at an early stage in the project is paramount to ensuring a compliant building can be delivered and as Chartered Architectural Technologists detailing, regulations and specification is always at the forefront of our mind.

Project Management

Hedley Design provide architectural project management services, generally in the North of England and are schemes that we have designed for our private Clients. We are dedicated to offering clients the best value possible on all architecture work, and as well as dealing with budget issues, our project management services also incorporate scheduling and quality control checks.

Domestic Client Engagement

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